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Coffee is a beverage consisting of an infusion made of the fruit and seeds of coffee trees.
It is considered the second most important stimulating beverage in the history of mankind after tea.
Most of the coffee consumed in the world comes from Latin American countries, especially Brazil, Colombia...

Share the temptation with anyone you want. Thanks to the finest chocolate and its different shapes and flavors, our artisan bonbons are an irresistible pleasure.
Chocolate with almonds, semisweet chocolate, bonbons filled with 'dulce de leche' (milk caramel) and any other delights you can imagine. Sensations contained in boxes decorated for special occasions.
Bonafide present at Espacio Shell
2012-05-11 - On April 25th, 26th and 27th, Bonafide was present at Espacio Shell, an event organized by the oil company in which all of its operators across the country gathered together, giving us the possibility...


Management is the key to retail
2011-12-26 - The number one in the coffee shop chain introduces its projects, the future of consumption and future businesses. Why do you think that branch management is a key factor?Source: The current picture sh...


New Image, Opening of New Stores
2011-12-19 - While being true with our innovation and quality improvement tradition as regards products and customer service, we have created a new image in our stores. A warmer environment, more brightness, moder...